I love that I hate that I love #SPOKENWORD #finalProject

This is my final project! A performed spoken work Poem with audio behind it. I had filmed a lot of footage, but it all somehow got deleted which REALLY REALLY was great! I tried to upload a lot of stock footage, and cut movie clips, but it just didn’t look or feel right, so I decided to just do the audio recording. I did a couple of recordings of this, and I edited them all into one. Essentially, I took my favorite version of each part and put it together. It’s about 3 into one. I edited this on adobe Premier Pro.

The title is I hate that I love that I hate, because I hate the feelings of pain, while paradoxically knowing I will become greater if I allow myself to. That reality doesn’t mitigate the suffering I’m experience, so this title is trying to relay those opposing sides battling within. This piece was written during a dark period

I added the sun as the video aspect of my project, because its shows that struggle is part of existence and that eventually the sun does rise. There is always hope. There is always a way. Never give up.

The starry night reminds us all even even in the darkness there is wonder!

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